Writing the Articles I Wish I Found
Why and how I strive to write

One tweet that has stuck with me over the months is by Chris Coyier, co-founder of CodePen. In it, he prompted people to:

And to date, it remains one of my favorite reasons why and how one should write articles, even if there already exists many posts on the topic.

Of course, there are many reasons as to why one chooses to write: to better learn a topic, to share a special insight, to reach a goal, etc.

But I think the ‘how’ is just as important. Many articles are written to be ‘clickbait’, seeking to extract attention rather than convey useful knowledge.

Some just don’t fit the reading/learning style or backgrounds of certain viewers, leaving room for yet-to-be-written articles to be shared with otherwise unserviced or confused readers.

With my modest blog, I always intended to share insights from my various experiences in life. Some will be just stories, others lessons. But specifically for instructional posts, I hope to do better, to put forth and share my best, and to write the articles I wish I found when I Googled for something.