I’m a builder of sorts, largely interested in rethinking long-standing challenges and designing creative solutions.

My primary side-project at the moment is WingNotes, a note-taking app for students and learners to more effectively take referential notes.

Some time ago, I co-founded Supply (now Reach Labs), a Y-Combinator-backed hardware startup that creates over-the-air wireless charging technology. I also led product design at an emerging cryptocurrency trading platform in 2017. Before that, I studied Aerospace Engineering at MIT and have also worked at NASA.

A short list of some of my other random hobbies include DJing and Thai bodywork.

This site

This is my digital home, a place I designed and built to be unequivocally me.

But almost more importantly, I created this as a public canvas where I could share all of the amazing things I come across in life, unconstrained and completely flexible.

Behind-the-scenes, this site was devloped using Gatsby, React, GraphQL, and Typescript, while the UI was designed using Figma.