I've been building things for a while now, and created this site to hopefully share some of the things I've learned along the way.

I'm an engineer of all sorts, whose curiosity has taken him on all sorts of adventures...

My current side project is Subcolumn, a publishing platform for technical blogs. Its simple, two-column layout makes it easy to read and write technical tutorials, how-to's, and articles.

I'm also the creator of WingNotes, a two-column note-taking app for students and learners to more effectively take referential notes.

Some time ago, I co-founded Supply (now Reach Labs), a Y-Combinator-backed hardware startup that creates over-the-air wireless charging technology. We were granted a US patent for our novel approach in 2018.

I also worked on product at an emerging cryptocurrency trading platform in 2017. Before that, I studied Aerospace Engineering at MIT and have also worked at NASA.

If you're interested in potentially collaborating on something impactful, feel free to reach out at brandon at subcolumn dot com.

This site

Behind-the-scenes, this site was developed using Gatsby, React, GraphQL, and Typescript, while the UI was designed using Figma.